Friday, July 23, 2010

Doors: A History

Like the good hick I am, I hate doors because ( like ovens, water coolers and most other mechanical devices) I don´t understand them. Also ( just like ovens, water coolers, and most other mechanical devices) I have a tendancy to break and destroy them. Muwhahahah. When it comes to doors, however, I think its the mechanicism of the lock that mystifies me. Anyway, the reason Im even discussing doors to begin with is that yesterday to my host familys annoyance and terror, I managed to leave the door unlocked and open on several occasions. This resulted in lessons in door locking and a flood of terrible memories from years past; getting locked in bathrooms, locking myself outside the house, breaking locks, getting locked in bathrooms...
You get the idea...
In sum, I hate doors.


I hate em´.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Art of Begging

In Montreal, the beggers can be somewhat passive ( or slightly agressive, such as in the case of the squeegee gang). This however, is not the case in Salamanca,Spain. Walking down the street in animated conversation, my friend J. and I were approached by some rather louche character, who proceeded to loudly shush us, ¨SHHHHHH¨ before rattling a large paper cup in our faces, and asking for money. A rather unusual technique.