Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Story of Mimi The (Domestic) Bird

Part One : Homelife

Mimi was unhappy at home. He felt like trying to reason with the people he lived with was a losing battle. At night, they woudn’t let him watch TV. Mimi liked TV. His favorite show was Seinfeld. He related to the character of Jerry, whom he imagined to be trapped within the television set, as he was in this cage of his. He dreamed of one day meeting this man who over time had become a hero of sorts in his small beady eyes.

Part Two : The Great Escape ( written while listening to Hank Williams)

One day after a particularly exhausting argument with the fat woman he lived with, Mimi decided that he’d had enough. He was going to leave that mean ol’ woman and start a new life. A free life. So when the fat woman came and stuck her fleshy hand in the cage to change his water, he hopped onto her hand and from there hopped onto the window ledge. The window was open.
« Now where do you think you’re going ? » She giggled, approaching him. « You’re not gonna leave me pretty little thing ? » Normally, Mimi might have given in, succomb to such flattery. He too found himself to be attractive with his electric yellow plumage and refined talons. He hesitated as she came nearer. But his decision was made. There was no turning back. He bid her fairwell with the the blink of his eyes and fell out the window as the fat woman screamed after him : « That’s right leave me ! See what happens to you without me ! You’ll come crawling back ! They always do ! »

Part Three : Discovery

Mimi had fallen into a geranium pot on the balcony bellow. His heart was beating savagely, cold sweat poured down his forehead. He was in a state of shock from the fall. But he had made it ! And that was the important thing ! He knew though that he had no time to waste. He feared that she would come after him, dig him out of his hiding spot, bring him back to the misery he’d fought so hard to escape. He shuddered at the thought of returning. There was no turning back. He edged his way out of the flower pot, now perched on the edge. The city stretched out before him. It now belonged to him. He felt an immense feeling of power and lightness.

To be continued...