Thursday, September 22, 2011


I received a call the other day.
" Come quick, I have something to show you."
Upon walking through the door I didn't notice anything...
And then
I kept on walking
towards the back of the apartment
and there was the bird cage
perched on the stainless steel counter
and in it
there was a bird.
a yellow bird.
a bird that curiously ressembled Mimi.
Naturally, my first thought was
Mimi was ALIVE again!
And then I realized that that didn't make any sense at all.
My next thought was
P. bought a bird that looks like Mimi
In matter of fact, Little Italy seems to be swarming with docile wild birds
who allow themselves to be picked up
And here he was
And then he was "Pompipo".
And he wasn't a canary.
And neither was Mimi.
And all I could think was
it wasn't very hygenic to have a wild bird in a cage in on the kitchen counter.

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